Welcome to Samrat Ashok Subharti School of Buddhist Studies

The Subharti School of Buddhist Studies (SSBS) is an International Buddhist College established by Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut (UP) INDIA as its constituent college by the initiation of Dr. Shalya Raj, Chief Executive Officer of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, an academician and social activist along with Dr. Heero Hito, Founding Director of Subharti School of Buddhist Studies, whose inspirations led to the founding of Subharti School of Buddhist Studies, a world class center of Buddhist learning. Their brilliant thoughts were responded to beyond expectation by Buddhist delegates from 13 Countries who participated in a pre-inaugural SSBS conference at University Campus. At this historic meeting on 10th March 2018, the Subharti School of Buddhist Studies was founded in principles and it was decided to formally inaugurate the SSBS in the Vesak month of 2018. It marked the first event in the history of District Meerut when Buddhists (laity and sangha) of nearly all sects in the Buddhism represented and gathered for the same purpose, the progress of Buddhist Studies.On this historical occasion, about 130 Buddhist Monks, Scholars and teachers from 13 Countries paid homage to Bodhi Tree, which has been found in Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut (U.P) campus near Subharti School of Buddhist Studies. The age of this Bodhi Tree has been confirmed to be about 115 years by local horticulture authorities

Historically, Meerut has been under vast influence of Buddhist culture since third century BC as there existed an Ashokan Pillar in Meerut in those times which was later relocated to Delhi by Emperor Firoz Shah Tughlak.

The sultan is said to have learnt about this Ashokan Pillar existing in Meerut in the 14th century and he got it transported to Delhi. Later he got it installed near his hunter’s lodge along river Yamuna very close to where Hindu Rao hospital stands today.

There are two Ashoka pillars in Delhi. One of the pillars was transported from Topra on Firozshah Tughlaq's orders. The other pillar, brought from Meerut, is seen installed near Bara Hindu Rao Hospital near Delhi University.

Ashokan Pillar in Delhi was transported in Delhi by Firoz Shah Tughlak, who ruled Delhi from 1351 to 1388. Some historians are of the opinion that this magnificent structure was built by the Mauryan emperor, Ashoka in the third century. And that is perhaps how it derives its name.