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Aim And Objective


Creating a well-equipped infrastructure for a World Class Buddhist College named Subharti School of Buddhist Studies in the Northern India to cater the values and ideals of the Buddha through Engaged Buddhist Activities and services of Education, Spirituality and Environmental Conservation.

2. Creating academics to the dissemination and promotion of Buddha’s teachings and cultural linkages.
3. Help in making India as the common land of interest between South and Southeast Asia.
4. Creating opportunities for alternative livelihood which will support to find a balance between modern development and deep rooted Buddhist traditions.
5. To propagate Buddhism throughout the world.
6. To teach Tipitaka Pãli texts as approved by the six Buddhist Councils and to put them into practice.
7. To abstain from evil deeds and perform good deeds.
8. To promote observance and practice of the teachings of the Buddha.
9. To secure unity, solidarity and brotherhood amongst all.
10. To propagate the sublime doctrine of the Buddha.
11. To impart higher education in the field of Buddhist Studies as well as organize and carry on activities in the field of social, educational, cultural, and other humanitarian services.
12. To work for securing peace and harmony amongst men and happiness for all beings and to collaborate with other Universities/organizations working for the same ends.